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When to Stop Breastfeeding: When is the Best Time?

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More than 90% of mothers breastfeed after childbirth. Breast milk is extremely healthy for the newborn: the child is supplied with the milk via the milk with all the important nutrients it needs for healthy development. But over the time infants should ideally be breastfed, there is disagreement between doctors, midwives, and scientists. When to […]

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How To Stop Itchy Nipples After Breast Pumping

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Trust me, breastfeeding your newborn should always remain a pleasant, remarkable and comfortable experience. But sometimes, sore and itching nipples can make breastfeeding an awkward and bitter experience for some moms. Most parents often experience breast itching in the form of sore nipples. During breastfeeding, the breast of a woman usually increases in size. The […]