When To Pump While Breastfeeding Newborn

Do you know that breastfeeding remains a dedicated and committed task? The real truth is that your effort on breastfeeding remains highly important. Maintaining steady milk supply is crucial for moms when breastfeeding their newborn.

The whole idea of pumping and breastfeeding a newborn baby is basically on demand and supply. There will be a constant production of milk when you regularly pump or breastfeed a baby.

This content will help you discover some useful tips on when to pump while breastfeeding newborn.

1. Pump instantly

Pumping immediately is highly encouraged if you are breastfeeding a newborn baby. Some moms often get discouraged or troubled when their milk supply is not properly established.

This might even discourage them more from pumping. Well, it is recommended to continue pumping even if your milk supply isn’t as adequate as you want.

Four to six weeks is the normal time or duration for milk supply to get adequately established. If you are a working or an active mother, then two weeks may be a great time to start pumping while breastfeeding.

To get a supply moving, you are expected to pump just once throughout the day. It is advisable to pump to fully empty both breasts after your normal morning feed – 6 -10 am.

This is because, within the above time, your body will have enough milk to supply.

Consuming some fenugreek will also help you with extra supplies. When breastfeeding a newborn baby, you shouldn’t worry so much about pumping from the start.

This is just one of the best ways to create a balance between pumping and breastfeeding. However, the breast is best emptied by a newborn rather than a pump.

2. Pump regularly

While breastfeeding newborn, it is a good idea to pump regularly. The rate of milk production will be faster and better when you regularly pump.

Are you are an active or a full-time working mom? It will be more advisable to spend up to fifteen minutes to pump every couple of hours while at work.

Pumping both breasts consecutively will also help you to see positive results when breastfeeding newborn. With a double breast pump, it will be easier and simpler to stimulate the generation of milk and as well save time.

3. Pump in a relaxed environment

Many new parents do not know that a relaxed body will help to pump and breastfeed a baby efficiently.

The body’s normal capability to unleash breast milk can be prevented by stress. For this reason, it is a good idea to pump in any quiet environment. This is a great way to massage your breast properly for easy milk production.

Listening to a relaxing song can as well give you the moral to embark on the journey of breastfeeding and pumping natural milk in a time of need.

4. Pump at the right time

Breastfeeding on demand when you are with your newborn is crucial. The supply for pumping will be greater and better when breastfeeding your newborn together.

If you are able to manage your time effectively, then weekend, early morning or evening feedings are ideal. If you make use of a caregiver service, it is also great to avoid feeding the baby in the final hours of work.

5. Quit smoking while pumping

One huge mistake many new parents often commit is to smoke while breastfeeding their baby and as well pump. Studies have revealed that milk supply can be reduced by smoking.

Smoking has the capability to alter the taste and odor of your milk which can be dangerous to newborn.

Moms that are engaged in secondhand smoking activities will put their baby in a dangerous health condition. SIDS which is sudden infant death syndrome remains a great risk parent engaged in secondhand smoke can expose their baby.

Respiratory diseases may also follow SIDS in a chronic health condition. Moms can consult their medical experts for the fastest quitting solution when breastfeeding a baby and when pumping. To avoid smoking should be your next step before a doctor’s prescription.

6. Drink enough water

Drinking enough water will help to establish a balance between pumping and breastfeeding newborn. To stay hydrated, you need milk, juice, and water. Coffee, soda and other caffeinated liquids should be limited.

There can be a total interference with newborn’s sleep through too much caffeine. If you will be engaged in breastfeeding and pumping while having occasional alcoholic drinks, ensure to leave a space of two hours. This will help to normalize the taste and odor of your breast milk that the baby feeds on.

7. Minimize Formula Feedings

Formula feedings should be limited or totally avoided when pumping. When you regularly engage in formula feedings, the next thing to experience is your baby will start limiting the demand for natural breast milk. In fact, this is one of the fastest ways to reduce your breast milk production.

Whenever your baby is on formula, it is a great idea to constantly pump anytime. There should be the total maintenance of milk supply and pump when using formula feedings.

Milk production will constantly flow when you pump or breastfeed your while apart. Between the breastfeeding sessions, it is also recommended to pump out additional milk and save for future need.

Pumping And Breastfeeding Tips For Your Newborn:

  1. Ensure that the environment used for pumping and breastfeeding your newborn is extremely quiet
  2. Moms can pump regularly to maintain a steady flow of milk production
  3. Parents should always ensure that they take perfect care of their health
  4. Monitoring the actual time when milk supply is enough will help you pump and breastfeed newborn easily


Remember that health is wealth. On this note, to make sure that there is a smooth flow of milk production for newborn moms should eat balanced diets.

Healthy foods containing plenty of whole grains, vegetables and fruits will make the process of breastfeeding and pumping successful.

There should be enough physical activities throughout the day. When your baby sleeps, it is also time for you to get a rest. Considering birth regulations options will help you survive difficult times as well. It is crucial to know that breastfeeding may not be a dependable way of birth control.