How To Stop Itchy Nipples After Breast Pumping

In this article, we’ll show you what causes itchy nipples and how to stop it quickly.

Bear in mind, though, that among other things, if you’re experiencing itching in your nipples after breast pumping, it’s likely you’re not using the right breast pump.

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Breastfeeding your newborn should always remain a pleasant, remarkable and comfortable experience.

Itching in the nipple can be caused by Thrush, a form of yeast infection in the breast or nipple. It’s one of the prevalent infections in breastfeeding women and can cause deep in the breasts and severe itching.

Sometimes, sore and itching nipples can make breastfeeding an awkward and bitter experience for some moms. Most parents often experience breast itching in the form of sore nipples.

During breastfeeding, the breast of a woman usually increases in size. The tender breast skin also has the capability to stretch out during this period.

Moms will always experience an itching sensation when the breast skin stretches.

Applying a moisturizing lotion on the affected breast skin areas can help to prevent or relief such pain or discomfort. This moisturizing lotion on Amazon can help to soothe any dryness that occurs on your breast skin.

When the skin also stretches, it can lead to the occurrence of stretch marks. The development of the breast when getting ready for breastfeeding will determine the amount of itchiness that a mother can experience.

During breastfeeding, itchy breasts can be caused due to thrush that may have affected the newborn.

On this note, it is important to check if your newborn has velvety lesions and white patches in their mouth.

Are you thinking about how to stop itchy nipples after breast pumping? Is your quest for simple methods to stop itchy or painful nipples after breast pumping? Keep reading to see helpful techniques to help get rid of itchy nipples after breastfeeding.

Causes Of Itchy Nipples After Breast Pumping

Without identifying the name of a problem, it may be difficult to resolve the issue.

This principle is also applicable to itchy nipples after breast pumping. For this reason, it is a good idea to know the cause of an itchy nipple.

1. Nipple blister or bleb happens to be one of the major causes of itching after breast pumping

When this bleb appears, it often comes with a small blister spot filled with milk. Moms can always get rid of these blebs at home, but consulting a doctor will help you play safe. Poorly-fitted pump or an improper latching can lead to a bleb or blister.

2. Another cause leading to itchy nipples is tongue-tie

A newborn may find it difficult to feed properly if there is a tongue-tie condition. Doctors can check for tongue-tie when you constantly experience itchy nipple. With a simple correction approach, the problem can be quickly resolved.

3. When breast pumps or shields are improperly used, it can lead to itchy nipple

While pumping, there is every possibility to experience nipple damage for improperly fitted breast shields. When choosing a suction level, ensure to listen to your intuition and body. To completely eliminate itchiness, you need to use a pump that has Backflow Protector, like the Gland Double Electric Breast Pump on Amazon.

The suction level should be average and not too high least you may begin to feel some itchiness on your nipples.

4. Thrush is one of the common causes of an itchy nipple

This occurrence often happens inside of the newborn’s mouth and also on your nipples, leading to pain.

Thrush will cause itchy, painful and red nipples that can also lead to a headache while pumping. Consulting a medical expert is highly recommended if you notice any symptoms.

Preventing Itchy Nipples After Breast Pumping:

If you have been having a good time breastfeeding your baby but suddenly, you’re developing itchy nipples which are giving you sleepless nights or strong desire to scratch them, you need to seek help because itchy nipples can really be embarrassing and painful, to say the least.

The discomfort can be mild or severe depending on your system as a woman. The itchiness may affect just one side of your nipple or all of them. Either way, use the proven tips here to get rid of it.

1. Bra pads and bras should be clean and dry.

It is a great way to prevent your itchy nipples from getting chapped. Sore and itchy nipples can recover quickly through this method

2. Moms should not use machine pumps or breast milk bottles at an early stage of breastfeeding newborn

It is important to allow newborn master correct latching to the breast when you start breastfeeding.

Avoid the use of early-stage pacifier so as not to confuse your baby. This will help you breastfeed and pump without any difficulties

3. When removing your newborn from breast ensure that the process is done quietly and carefully.

The suction should be properly done after you finish feeding your newborn. A pinky finger can help you to quickly and easily break suction after pumping

4. Frequent breastfeeding is the key to preventing itchy nipples.

A newborn will stop feeding roughly when you regularly breastfeed them. As this process helps to stop hunger in your baby, you should also take time in monitoring newborn’s feeding cues.

5. Before your newborn latches

…you can make use of a manual sign to help letdown some breast milk. This is an amazing method of not allowing your baby feed hungrily from the start

6. A proper latch is another effective way to stop itchy nipples.

To establish a perfect latch, you will have to contact a lactation expert. First, ensure that your newborn is able to open the mouth wide enough. Moms should also try to bring newborn near their body for an effective contact.

Treating Itchy Nipples After Breast Pumping:

When it comes to properly treating or stopping itchy nipples after breast pumping, a lactation expert should be contacted.

These experts are professionals in the field and can help you with the fastest solution. In the meantime, you can also follow some helpful tips below.

1. Feeding should always start from the breast without much sores or itch. While breastfeeding, newborn babies often like to nurse tougher in the earlier stage.

On this note, it is an ideal approach to give your newborn the breast with less itchiness. When the switch occurs, your baby would have learned to go slow and gently

2. General first-aid instructions should be strictly followed for better results. This means that your normal hygiene routine habits should be maintained.

3. To prevent clothing material from touching itchy nipples, you can make use of breast shells

4. Using purified hydrogel or lanolin pads will help for proper soothing. The ingredients in these products remain safe for your newborn and moms can also get relief


If you want to stop itchy nipples quicker after breast pumping, simply make use of hand express breast milk or try the Smibie Dual Breast Pump on Amazon.

Mothers can apply this method to get a quick healing on their nipples. This technique can as well get rid of the stress and pain you experience with itchy nipples.

Above all, ensure to contact your medical doctor for the most reliable and safest approach.