Should Infants Wear Socks To Bed? Keeping Baby’s Feet Warm at Night

It’s been observed that new parents are always worried when it is something related to caring for their children.

New moms take care of their newborn so they can develop strong, vibrant, and healthy.

Among all the important questions that have been asked by the parents, one of the important questions to be focused on is whether their baby should wear socks before going to bed or not. 

For adults, it’s very easy for them to take off their socks in the middle of the night if they feel uncomfortable, but it is not possible for babies.

So the question arises, do they feel uncomfortable with socks while sleeping? Is it fine to stuff baby’s feet into socks before tucking them in?

Babies should wear cotton socks to bed if the temperature of the room is cold enough to freeze their feet. It’ll ensure the baby enjoys a comfortable sleep through the night. If the temperature is mild and not freezing, then don’t wear your baby socks throughout the night.

You may find different comfort levels when it comes to your babies. To understand what is comfortable for your baby or whatnot, it is the core responsibility of a mother to pay close look on her child while sleeping in socks that is it discomforting him or is just the perfect idea to let him sleep with socks. 

It might increase irritation on your baby’s skin if the weather is humid; this extra layer will not be suitable for your child and will be discomforting your child.

However, when there is winter, it can be often essential to let your child wear socks that will, without a doubt, help him to stay warm and feel relaxed during his sleep. It is observed that when the feet are warm, babies stay safe from cold and flu. 

What should we do before a baby sleeps with his socks on?

The very first thing a mother should check is the temperature of the room. The toddlers find it difficult when it is about the temperature, so it is very important to know that when it is important for your child to let him wear his socks on and when not.

It is important to monitor the room temperature in which your kids are sleeping is recommended by AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics).

It is obvious if you are feeling a little cold as well, your baby will too definitely feeling cold.

It will help your baby to let wear some cotton socks that will help him to spend a comfortable and relaxed sleep for the night.

At the same time, when a mother should take care of her baby getting frozen, overheating is also one of the important serious concerns that should be noted.

Reason for wearing socks to bed:

The main function to wear socks on your newborn is to prevent baby’s feet from getting chilled.

As your baby is not moving, so they may get cold easily, in this way socks help to keep their feet warm.

Some parents make their child wear socks as it matches what their baby is already wearing.

How to keep baby’s feet warm at night?

You should put a pair of warm socks when you are taking your baby outside in cold weather.

This is very important to keep in mind when that whether it is snowing outside or not. Your baby’s tiny feet are susceptible to frostbite, according to, and it is very crucial to put a pair of warm socks that will help your child to stay safe.

When it is hot or you can say during summer, there is no need for warm socks instead select a thin pair of socks that won’t hurt your child.

What should babies wear at night before sleeping?

Try to use natural materials that include cotton which is lightweight and breathable as well.

You may also use a footer sleeper that could be helpful for your child. Just be sure the elastic isn’t tight around the wrist. That can cut circulation.

Risk factors:

There is an increased risk of suffering from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) when the body is overheated; this is explained by NICHD (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

In this case, you have to look after your baby every hour when he is sleeping with his socks on.

May be at night there may come a point when he feels hot and that will be the time when his socks must be put off.

If you do, I can assure you someone will without a doubt tell you to get some socks for your little one.

It is natural for every parent to worry about their child of being cold, the research has been made and according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), it is very essential to track your baby’s temperature as infants are really sensitive to extremes when it comes to temperature and they even can’t regulate their body temperatures well.

However, the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) recommends that you gauge how the temperature in the room feels to you before using socks for your babies at night time first.

This will help you to understand how your baby will be behaving the whole night.

According to, a good idea to go with baby sleepwear is to cover your baby with one more layer that will help him to keep himself warm and comfortable.

So if it’s cold for you, your child must be feeling cold too and would be needing socks or some footie pajamas with the blanket that will help him to feel comfortable and enjoy his sleep peacefully.

The material of the socks your child must wear:

If it is really important to let your baby wear socks, in this case, the experts recommend toa ll the mothers that do not use woolen or mitten socks instead.

The reason behind this is that woolen materials or mittens one makes a baby feel irritable and discomfort too.

The best material that is advised to all the mothers is to make their children wear cotton socks or materials that will keep them relaxed and comfortable.

Few marketers are claiming of socks that are known to be SMART SOCKS and are helpful to control baby’s temperature during sleep and blah blah, experts have investigated and concluded that these are nothing but the same ordinary socks, so do not trust those marketers.

If you see sweating of your baby on her palms and soles both, do not make her put on the booties or mittens, it can be dangerous.

If you see that the hands and legs of your baby feel warm do not let them wear mittens or booties as this may even overheat your child’s body.

If you see that your child’s sleep is not comfortable and he wakes up in the middle of the night so check whether she has sweaty palm or soles and if she is wearing the booties or mitten, remove it immediately.

You should understand your child’s situation during his sleeping time as she will be too small to complain about anything. So it is your responsibility to take care and act accordingly.

Why do babies sleep better with mom?

It is claimed by a pediatrician that newborn babies always wish to share their mother’s bed until they turn at least three years old.

The advice that goes against the warnings of health, usually suggests that babies usually have small hearts and it is under stress if they are asked to sleep on their own.

It is observed that babies feel safe and secure on their mother’s chest and by sleeping in this way they do not feel cold and they can even rest peacefully than resting in a cot for the night. 

The suggestion comes from Dr Nils Bergman, a pediatrician at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

It was suggested that it becomes harder for kids to sleep alone and the bond is not strong even between a mother and her child.

There can be damage to the brain also by the nightly separation that may lead to problems in behavior in further life, the research claims. 

Extra Considerations:

You will require around four to seven pairs of sock for your newborn that depends on how often you do laundry.

As the newborns do not walk, one pair of socks is more than enough for one day. Another alternative to socks can be baby booties which are available with many infant outfits.

Many outfits have feet built in that will not need to make your baby wear socks. 

You may find a massive stock of socks available online that can be comfortable for your baby. You should be very concerned about all the accessories of your baby.

You may find bamboo socks that are easy to wear and provide benefits also at the same time. Bamboo socks are helpful to keep your or your child’s feet dry.

The reason is that the fibers used in bamboo are made with thousands of little cavities, they help to give superior moisture and it has great absorbing features as well.

You may find ventilation and warmth in these pairs of socks. The socks made with this type of fiber helps to keep your feet cool during the summer season while warm during the winter season and it helps to keep dry all the year-round. 

At last, you should layer your child. It helps to put them in a basic dress like a one-piece ( that includes short sleeves for summer season) along with this you can use other clothing as well that includes socks, gloves, etc that will help your child to stay warm.

You can also use sheets if they are young as an additional layer. You should make them wear socks that will help to keep their nail firm. 

Another advantage of the layer is that you can anytime change those layers whenever you feel like that the temperature is changing.

Try to make it easy for the layers to put on or take it off any time whenever required at night. 


If you think you’re cold and your baby can also feel cold at night, just go ahead and cover your toddler with a pair of socks while sleeping.

This will prevent them from getting ill or cold. It’s essential to keep check and balance about your baby’s temperature throughout the night.