Hospital Grade Pump vs Pump in Style: Mom Stop Arguing!

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Choosing the best breast pump can be sometimes challenging to say the least. It’s much like choosing between a chocolate and an ice-cream. Both are delicious.

Which one is better? Why should you choose only the best one? What are the differences?

This article will help you to decide. Let’s put hospital grade pump vs pump in style toe to toe and find the best one. Let’s get to it.

Hospital grade pump key features

Image result wey dey for hospital grade pumpMany women believe that hospital grade pump is better to increase supply. According to surveys, it is true. Hospital grade pump increases milk production to a considerable supply.

This holds powerful pump performance with the maximum suction strength of 280 mmHg and drains milk as much as possible.

This Hospital-approved pump comes with a closed system which offers backflow protection, preventing contamination and infections.

It can be used as a single or double pump — also providing facility to easily control the speed and rhythm which is favorable to your body and your physique.

Usually, this pump does not come with a battery. They are not portable and you cannot haul with you wherever you go.

They are large and costly. A typical hospital grade pump bears a price tag of $1,500.

What makes the hospital grade pump better?

  • Hospital grade pump is quick; it takes about 5-10 minutes for a full drain.


  • It has a separate control for suction and speed. You can adjust speed and suction rhythm separately. While keeping the speed constant you can enhance suction and vice versa.


  • It drains more milk than any other pump present in the market. It is not jerky and much gentler on the nipples making it more comfortable if you have sore nipples.


  • This can help you to settle the supply. Its powerful suction capability settles the milk drainage to its maximum swing.


  • They are super quiet and you would have a quiet pumping experience.

Pump in Style key features

Image result wey dey for pump in stylePump in style usually comes with a bag that holds an ice bag and bottles that can fit into a cooler. Hence, they can provide a temporary storage capacity.

They come with an AA or rechargeable battery and are portable. They also hold car chargers and can be great for traveling or tours.

The pump in style has two phase expression technology and holds top touch let-down button. They have LCDs and button penal.

They weigh as heavy as four apples only, nicely shaped, and portable. All their parts are BPA free that touch breast milk.

What makes the pump in style better?

  • The microfiber bag makes sure all the pump parts are kept together. It offers mental piece so you don’t find yourself missing a part when you want to use it.


  • The cooler gives you the comfort of mind when you are at work. It allows you to drain the milk and store.


  • Ice bag prevents the breast milk from spoiling as long as mom returns back to home and put it in the refrigerator.


  • It comes with a lot of nice-to-haves, including breast shields, valves, membrane, and tubing, etc.

What do hospital grade and pump in style have common?

Despite having a lot of differences, it’s good to know that both pumps have some common characteristics. Actually, these common traits are the features that are crucially demanded by the consumers.

Let’s see what they both have in common:

  • They both have double suction pumps and you have an option to use single as well.


  • They both are electric and not manual.


  • Both pumps are easy to wash and offer a convenient structure to be cleaned up completely preventing the vessels from contamination.


  • The hospital grade pump and the pump in style both have the option to control suction and speed of the pump. This helps keep the cycle of your pumping session more personalized.

What makes them different?

It makes sense to also mention the difference between hospital grade pump and the pump in style. They are as follows:

Open vs closed system

One of the main differences between these pumps is that the hospital grade pump has a closed system but the pump in style usually comes with an open system.

The open and closed system means that the pump with the closed system has a certain structure that prevents the milk from entering into the suction tubes or motors of the pump.

However, the open system lacks barriers which stop milk from entering into the tubes and motors.

Obviously, hospital grade pump is far better than the pump in style in this sense. In an open system, contamination is anticipated.

Power supply

Hospital grade models do not have a rechargeable battery and also not support an AA battery pack. They are not portable. They require an uninterrupted electric supply.

Pumps in style are portable and have built-in rechargeable batteries. Some pumps support an AA battery making them more convenient to carry.

Suction strength

Hospital grade models come with a label of more powerful suction feature and do not disappoint. Women usually like the hospital pump due to its great suction ability, powerful expression, and more drain.  

This pump boasts the maximum suction strength of 280 mmHg and even more. This feature enables them to extract more milk.

On the other hand, pump in style does not have that suction strength. These pumps have maximum 250 mmHg suction strength.

Pump control

Although both pumps allow you to control set their speed and suction power accordingly, yet, they have some basic differences.

The Hospital model has timers that are really helpful alongside digital control panel.

They have buttons to set a timer, speed, and suction strength, etc. LCD screen also has a backlight enabling it to be visible even I darker.

Pump in style bears dials. You need to turn the dial and set speed and strength. They do not have timers and LCD screens.

The noise of the pump

Neither the hospital grade nor the pump in style is extremely quiet. They both make more or less noise while working.

However, the hospital grade pump has less noise compared to the pump in style.


The stylish pump comes with a lot more accessories. A typical “style” package includes all the pump parts, extra bottles, cooler, ice pack, and a bag.

PISA pumps have all accessories enclosed in a package. Medela also throws some extra parts a guidelines manual that sets all to start immediately.

However, the PISA does not have a good tote bag and rattle the storage bottles while carrying.  You will feel it essential to replace its tote bag with a good one.

Medela has nice bags that contoured ice bag fitting properly around the storage bottles.  It is a really nice thing to have.

Parts availability

Hospital grade pumps are costly and their parts are not easily available in markets. You need to find and purchase them online.

However, parts and accessories of the pump in style are available in common stores and online as well. this makes them more convenient to purchase.

Who is the winner?

Both of these pumps have top-notch quality and will appeal to moms all over the world.

However, it all depends on the user’s need, circumstances, and comfort.  

For example, pump in style is more suitable for the working moms because it offers more portability and easy handling. And hospital grade pump is suitable for the moms who want o pump milk as quickly as possible.

In the end, they are both great pumps. Though I’d say the hospital grade pump is a better option.  The combination of suction strength, digital control, higher efficiency, and durability gives a slight advantage over the pump in style.