Hospital Grade Medela Pump: The Review and Mom’s Guide

When my baby was 12 weeks old, I went back to work again. At that time, I would have loved nothing but stayed at home with my sweet baby, but for family support, there was no other option rather than joining the office.

For baby’s feeding, I choose breastfeeding pump so that I can put some milk for my baby by pumping it.

As expressing milk with a pump was the only way to breastfeed the baby, I went to the baby shop to get the best pump to feed baby regularly without any trouble though I wasn’t together with her always.

On the other hand, finding the most effective breast pump will leave you feeling like goldilocks aster because to continuously search for the best out of it.

The main difficulty is some pumps may not be right for you, even though they’re right for somebody else.

What one mom finds super comfortable could especially be a torture device to a mother. 

But as I was confident to breastfeed my baby, I started looking for the best brand pump and found Hospital Grade Medela Pump is the great as this brand comes with lots of variety according to price, uses, and working system.

Therefore, this guide is made of in-depth reviews of best Hospital Grade Medela Pump, and I hope these reviews can help what are more important factors when choosing a pump and gives you a very closer look at the Medela models on the market.

Hospital Grade Medela Pump: The Review and Mom’s Guide

Medela Pump in Style Advanced with Tote, Electric Breast Pump for Double Pumping

Electric pumps can cost a lot, but for some women, it’s worth of money. They work well and help to express milk within some seconds, which saves time for a busy mother.

They are far better than formula feeding and made of Advanced style model with full of features.

By thinking about the mother’s nipple and chest size, which may be larger than the average size, it comes with two size nipple shields, mainly 24 mm and 27 mm. So, you can choose any size comfortable for you.

Because the pump connected to the carry-all tote medium size bag that comes with the kit and accessories, you’ll be able to move the complete set from one place to different places just by carrying the bag.

The Pump has impressive suction with different levels of strength, and this is necessary to supply up the milk.

It also has an adjustable lighter torch and cooler ice packs for providing support when they are outside and wants to pump out breast milk.

Apart from this, it has a closed system motor to stop the overflow of milk with a customization setting and lots of essential accessories.

Pros of Medela Breast Pump:

  • Portable
  • Run-on AA batteries
  • Quick-release plus let down phase
  • Multiple suction
  • Suction strength settings

Cons of Medela Pump:

  • It’s a heavy pump
  • Open system.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump

The Medela Symphony is certainly the best and effective hospital-grade pump without any dough, but it’s also the most expensive electric pump too.

It comes with Medela’s especial 2-phase expression and allows a double pump to express more milk at a time.

It helps incredibly to contribute more to the high rate. If you are willing to procure a high price hospital-grade pump to get peace of mind, there some sensible features out there.

This hospital-grade pumps usually closed system pumps and ensured that none of your milk particles could reach the pump motor.

This pump is sometimes obtainable to rent from the hospital. However, you can buy that too if you particularly have a low milk supply problem.

Because its expression system to assist your milk is flowing freely than traditional pumps. Usually, ordinary pumps take too long to get rid of your milk, but it’s particularly designed to specific milk quickly.

On top of this, it’s high-efficiency motor works for super-smooth suction and does a very quiet operation. Furthermore, it’s very easy to use has very simple accessories that easy to wash and get.

It’s a closed system, and you won’t get any flowing of your milk into the tube and motor. It also reduces the danger of getting your baby sick by ingesting nasty bacteria and mold along with her breast milk.


  • High-end hospital-grade pump
  • Perfect for low milk supply mom
  • Adjustable vacuum with suction levels.
  • High-efficiency motor.
  • Comfort and quiet operation.
  • 2-Phase Expression Tech.


  • Expensive
  • Larger in size

Medela Harmony Breast Pump (Manual & Portable Breast Pump)

Breast pumping work is always time-consuming. We have already got such a lot to cram into our schedules, that pumping nearly 10 to 12 times on a daily basis affect how much we get done every day. But if you have a good breast pump like Medela,

Harmony Breast Pump, you can do hands-free operation while doing other works. It’s called the harmony model because its features are ergonomic swivel handle, soft-touch, Personal Fit breast shields, which makes the manual pumping more and more comfortable.

Moreover, its different shield sizes, two-phase suction technology makes the pump the best fit for any breasts. It’s is nice for travel and as a backup to your electrical pump.

But how this manual pump work? Well, its first stimulation phase lets the milk down fast. Then in the second expression phase, it turns slower and does deeper pumping to take out the milk faster. But it doesn’t hurt.

Both the phase works simultaneously to bring out the best.

It comes at a very affordable price and helps the mother to store the milk frequently as it’s not motor based it’s very lightweight and portable to any place. So, keep it in your hand when you most needed.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Quiet usage
  • Soft handle
  • 2-phase feature
  • BPA-free
  • 2 feeding bottles and stand included
  • Dishwasher friendly pump


  • Additional parts may need to buy.
  • It designed for the occasion only.

Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump (Compact and Lightweight Motor)

No more manual, slow, and painful pumping. Try this Medela, Swing, and enjoy the express and feed to your baby. This pump is a long-lasting and one of the best electric pumps you could ever experience.

As it provides very gentle sucking and great for mastitis, it’s become the most loveable pump for every mother.

This pump has a belt clip and sling for easy carrying and moves around. All parts are BPA free and completely safe for both moms and babies. 

In addition, its whilst can run on batteries or even the main connection.

The full box includes 1 PersonalFit 24 mm breast shield, 1 shield connector, 2 membranes, 1 valve, 1 tubing, 150 ml breast milk bottles, 1 bottle stand, 2 bottle lids, 1 shoulder/neck strap, 1 AC adapter 1 motor unit and 1 instruction manual for use. The swing is completely designed to release milk naturally. Importantly, its “2 Phase Expression Technology” gets the milk flowing fast in the first phase, and the second phase is for slowing down to steady let down.

Finally, it’s easy to use vacuum level options that allow you to switch between the phases and choose the most suitable level for you.


  • Portable
  • 2 Phase Expression
  • Complements breastfeeding
  • Easy  assembly
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Efficient


  • Open system and not hygienic
  • Single user pump
  • Not for exclusive pumpers

Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump (Hospital Performance Double Electric Breast pump)

Do you want a digital breastfeeding pump? No more wait needed if you have Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump.

If you truly like the idea of getting the bells and whistles signal in an electric pump and also app-based Sonata will fulfill your all expectations.

Because it’s app-based and comes with touch screen technology. So you can connect with your smartphone app directly to get all the details. It is a wonderful and sturdy double electric model breastfeed pump with 2-phase expression technology.

In addition, it has got different rhythms designed to simulate the fast-starting and then a slower progression of breastfeeding.

Furthermore, the strong lithium-ion rechargeable battery even has a little alarm system, which will remind you when the battery is low.

The whole unit is smaller in size and very lightweight to carry in your bag. Although it’s a hospital grade pump, surprisingly works very quietly.

Many women found that their supply is gently increased, and they can pump a lot more after using Sonata from Madela.


  • Small and compact in size
  • Double pump facility
  • Automatic let-down
  • Quiet Motor
  • App oriented


  • Expensive.
  • Short operating life.
  • A bit unreliable device

What are different types of breast pumps available in the market?

Breast pumps are usually are available in 3 different types:

Manual breast pumps:

These haven’t any power supply, and you need to get the suction or vacuum by using your hands to squeeze the pump or handle.

Manual pumps are very lightweight, small, and portable. However, the drawback is that it typically expresses less milk because it has very little suction power.

Personal electrical Pumps:

Electrical pumps have a far larger suction strength than manual pumps and frequently go with electronic options, like LCD display screens, a timer, multiple expression modes, and generally even a nightlight. The disadvantages of electrical pumps are their excessive weight and high-price.

Hospital Grade Pumps:

Although the FDA does not prefer the term “hospital grade,” but the term usually refers to double electric breast pumps.

This pump consists of a closed-system, long-lasting, durable, a long motor life, and can express milk 9-10 times or even more times a day.

Hospital-grade pumps often rented from the hospital due to their higher prices and pump/engine. As because multiple users can use this, many working women found this expensive pump to have with them because of their expressing system.

Most of the electric and hospital grade pumps are double electric breast pumps, which means they can express a double amount of milk at a single time.

How To Choose The Best Breast Pump?

Before you decide, a breast pump asks for a friend’s recommendation and what’ your requirement. Because it may be different for different bodies, breast size, babies even different sets of goals and obstacles.

Nevertheless, any woman trying to buy the best Hospital Grade Medela Pump could look forward to the following categories.

Cost: the price is the main point to consider here because if you buy a cheap pump, it may not works well and some parts may break easily.

That means it will cost you double if you get a new one. So, try to invest once in a good pump so that it can save your time and energy and ultimate you can feel happy with the pump.

Pumping both breasts at a single time: this is the serious issue of which you should concern about. Because have you noticed or not when you express one breast, there is automatic flow comes out from another breast.

So, if you have this situation, you better the double breastfeed may cost you more, but it will save you lots of time.

i). Milk volume: If your milk flow is adequate, then you can go for any ordinary pump. But unfortunately, if you have a very low supply, you have had to buy the pump which can handle many pumping sessions in a day. So, consider the milk volume and get a manual or electric pump.

ii). Portability: Moms who decided to go back to work after a few weeks of childbirth must consider buying a portable pump. So, they can express milk during lunch breaks or any free time. Portability is also an important issue for women who travel a lot. On the other hand, Stay-at-home moms might be less concerned about portability.

iii). Power source: You don’t have to worry about power source if you have a good power supply at your home or where you want to use the pump. But if there is a power source problem, then you can think about but the battery-based electric pump.

iv). How easy is it to clean?: If you get the pump which is very complex to open and close, it would be good, right? So, as soon as you get the pump to try to get to know how easily it can be clean. Or you can ask the seller also. So, avoid that complicated tubing stuff and get the easy to use and assemble type breast pump.

v). Adjustable suction: The same amount of suction strength is not mandatory for every woman. That’s why your breast pump should have adjustable suction points so that it can be an increase or decrease at any time.


I’ve provided enough information about the top Hospital Grade Medela Pump and helping you make a good decision.

I hope my top picks would help you to buy the best one that suits you and your baby. And you also can feel safe and confident while purchasing the top products we reviewed here.