25 Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Daughter (Reviews 2020)

In this guide, you’ll discover amazing gift ideas for your 6-year old daughter or ward.

Your 6-year-old daughter should likely be in kindergarten or first grade.

So, there are some recommendations and interests you need to take into consideration when it comes to toys for your six-year-old girl.

She is now a full-time student, where responsibility and independence are becoming key components of her day.

She’s hitting a few new milestones in her life and becoming more aware of herself.

More so, she has impressive ideas in her mind and wants to make an impression on the world. 

So, the kind of gift you should get for your daughter at this age should be one that she would appreciate. Gifts that would encourage her to develop her confidence and improve her reasoning ability.

Gifts that would help her with problem-solving, like building blocks and puzzles. Gifts that facilitate pretend play, help her to create stuff, and encourage physical activity.

Are you finding it pretty hard choosing the best gifts for your 6 years old girl? Then, here is good news for you – you’re in the right place. 

Here is a full list of well-researched and detailed 25 gift ideas for your 6 year old daughter that would save you some time with shopping this year and make a unique gift for your girl’s 6th birthday or Christmas this year.

All you need to do is read through this easy-to-read review guide below until you come across that perfect gift(s) that you think is best for your daughter. 

All these gifts are specifically designed for this age and would be found pleasing by your girl.

Love&Mini Piano Toy Keyboard for Kids

Mini Piano toy

Naturally, girls love music more than boys and always love to sing and make music. So, your daughter will fall in love with this toy grand piano at first sight. Its pink color makes it more appealing to girls.

This piano toy keyboard comes with a total of 24 keys and various features. It also has a microphone to ensure that your daughter is provided with lots of options to be more creative.

This gift is both developmental and educational. Playing this toy piano is incredibly effective at developing your daughter’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills. More so, it will ensure that your daughter’s audible learning senses develop well.

Also, it enhances brain memory, hearing ability, tone recognition, independent thinking, EQ cultivation, temperament, and self-cultivation. If you want to develop your daughter’s musical talent at an early age, then consider this gift.

However, this keyboard is a bit shorter. You may place the keyboard on a raised surface or have your daughter sit on the floor to play it.

This piano is compatible with an audio cable to connect your phone, MP3, PC, or iPad for playing music. It is 100% risk-free, non-toxic, and durable. It requires 4 AAA 1.5V batteries to operate (not included).

Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Playset

stainless steel playset

It’s never too early to start bringing out the cooking skill in your daughter at age 6. This kitchen playset comes in eight pieces, including pots, pans, wooden spoons, etc. so your daughter would have a lot of items to play with.

The realistic design of this gift item also makes it impressive and a perfect gift for your “future cook” daughter.

This gift will enable your daughter to have an easier time role-playing and using her imaginative side. The gift is good for developing coordination and motor skills. It has a perfect size for smaller hands and the rack also allows for easy storage.

Though it is a pretend playset, it is made of high-quality thick stainless steel materials, which makes it very strong and durable. It is also designed with the highest safety standards. Hence, your little girl can play with the set for years to come.

Syleia Colorful Friendship Bracelets Fashion Jewelry Set of 8 Party Favors 

friendship bracelets

Girls like colorful things and also like being in a similar style as their friends, so this colorful friendship bracelets fashion jewelry set makes a perfect gift for your daughter.

This jewelry set comes with a range of different bracelet colors including yellow, pink, blue, green, red, white, and purple. As a result, this gift offers an effective way to develop your daughter’s color recognition skills.

More so, as your daughter uses these fashion bracelets with her friends, it helps to strengthen her social skills and learn how to make new friends. 

These bracelets are designed to perfectly fit around your daughter’s wrist. They also have a fantastic adjustable feature to ensure that your child can wear them comfortably.

However, some parents reportedly complained that the colors fade quicker than expected – what more would you expect from an item handled by a 6 years old girl.

LEGO l Disney Moana’s Island Adventure Toy Set

lego adventure toy set

This gift offers a great way to develop your child’s creativity. This Lego toy set comes with a total of 205 pieces and provides your daughter with lots of parts to stay busy as she focuses on putting them together. 

Playing with this toy will help to improve your daughter’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination abilities, and ability to think creatively.

Once the LEGO set has been completed, your daughter can also play with a cave that has a waterfall as well as a Moana mini-figure. That’s an excellent way to encourage your daughter to play with a lot of creativity.

This LEGO set is also compatible with other LEGO sets, enabling your kids to develop their building skills and creativity even further by constructing more complex structures.

Please note the LEGO set also contains lots of small pieces that can be easily lost. So be careful with handling.

Enchantments Unicorn Music Jewelry Box

music jewelry box

This beautiful gift is more like a tiny treasure box. It is a large box with three drawers – one on the bottom and two smaller drawers on the sides.

Hence, the jewelry box offers plenty of space for your daughter to keep all their jewelry and other treasured items.

Remember that girls are somehow secretive and always want their things/items to be well kept.

So this gift is good for your daughter. The box also plays music and features a unicorn toy that spins around. 

This gift is not only interactive but can also develop your kid’s audible learning skills.

More so, the unicorn design is excellent for helping your daughter to be more creative. The box is fitted with a mirror to let your daughter see how she looks as she tries her pieces of jewelry on.

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

Shimmer mansion dollhouse

This is a perfect addition to your daughter’s room. KidKraft Shimmer Mansion wooden dollhouse comes in an impressive sheer size that makes it look really like a mansion – a doll mansion.

It has three different floors, which have all been implemented with complete furnishings.

This gift provides your daughter with lots of things to play with and would always keep her occupied for hours. 

Your daughter can add her own mini-figures to the different items in the dollhouse to be super creative and for more fun. The dollhouse includes lamps that light up the mansion.

It is great for developing motor skills and coordination and can also be great for group play.

Thus, effective for improving your kid’s social skills. The dollhouse is also interactive, for instance, the toilet in the dollhouse gives a flushing sound.

The assembly process can, however, be tricky, so be patient and careful. 

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home

Fisher-price sound home

If the KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is too big a gift for your daughter, then this Fisher-Price Mini Dollhouse is a better consideration.

This mini dollhouse is an incredibly interactive gift idea for your 6-year-old daughter.

It has a door which can be opened and closed. It is also educative as it has 50 different phrases, sounds, and songs that can be played.

This gift stimulates your kid’s audible senses and is super fun for them to sing along with. The gift is also super interactive and fun. With the press of a button on the alarm clock, Emma’s character would flip out of bed.

The gift will also teach your daughter about cause and effect as opening the refrigerator and oven doors light up the toy lights.

If you need an excellent way to develop your daughter’s visual senses, get this gift for your daughter. All these features will surely inspire your child to play with more creativity too.

Note that all the furniture pieces are stationary and cannot be moved around.

Create Your Own Window Art

window art

Help your daughter develop her creative and design skills with this gift. This gift has over 20 window art designs for your daughter to have fun with.

These designs include a range of different shapes and colors too. 

This provides your kid with lots of options to be creative. It’ll also develop your child’s color and shape recognition skills. This window art set encourages you child to mix colors and shapes

Once your daughter has completed her art project, she can easily stick it onto windows using the suction cups, which provides an awesome way for your girl to feel proud of her work.

Another amazing fact about this gift is that it contains a booklet with illustrations that can be traced out.

This offers a good way to inspire your child who may be struggling for ideas. Although some parents claimed they prefer an instruction booklet.

Eoncore T358 Walkie Talkies for Kids 

walkie talkie for kids

This is actually a two-way radio toy but looks more than a toy in operation. The pink color makes it feminine. These walkie talkies offer lots of fun for your daughter.

They have a smaller design, which ensures that they’re easier for your daughter to handle.

As girls like being chic and unique, your daughter will have a blast using these walkie talkies to play with her friends and siblings.

The gift enables your daughter to be very creative and also come up with imaginative play scenarios with friends. 

More so, it will encourage your kid to play more actively or even to communicate important messages as the walkie talkie can be easily carried about wherever she goes.

The device comes with an excellent LED display, which is easy to read and ensures that your child can use the walkie-talkies without issues.

Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Art Activity Kit

fashion design art activity kit

Bring out the fashion and design skills in your daughter with this fashion design art activity kit. 

Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Art Activity Kit comes with a total of 16 pieces, which include crayons, pencils, crayon holders, textured fashion plates with a double-sided design, and a case for storage.

This kit has everything that will surely entertain your kids for hours. Also, with such a wide range of pencils and crayons in the kit, your kid will be encouraged to show more of her creative side.

This activity kit is also compact, making it possible for the kit to be easily carried about.

The storage case is also large enough to keep everything in one place. Note that no paper is included in the pack.

Aside from encouraging creativity, a wide range of colors offers an effective way to develop your daughter’s color recognition skills.

Sophia’s Pet Dog & Accessories Set

sophia's pet dog

This pet and accessories set comes with a total of 10 pieces of items, which include the puppy doll, its bed, brush, a tennis ball, bone, leash, food dish, and a pink carrier. 

The lovely carrier enables your daughter to have everything she needs to play with her puppy doll in super imaginative ways.

Your kid may even feel encouraged to involve others while playing with the puppy doll. This can be an awesome way for them to develop their social skills and abilities to play in groups.

All of the materials used for this gift are of high-quality. They’re incredibly soft and enticing for children to cuddle and play with. The pink color makes it more appealing to girls.

This gift is a great and perfect choice if your daughter is a pet lover.

Fashion Headbands Craft Kit

Fashion headbands craft kit

Girls like fashion and looking trendy. That’s what makes this gift a great option for your daughter. Your daughter will have lots of fun using this craft kit.

The craft kit comes with a total of 10 headbands, which enable your daughter to get busy with coming up with unique headband creations. 

The kit contains all the equipment your child needs to get started, which include rhinestones, flowers, butterflies, feathers, ribbon, and various other accessories. 

Crafting the headbands is not only a fun process but can also help in developing your child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

Your child can use this kit to come up with different pretend play scenarios which are awesome for her creative thinking abilities and color recognition.

More so, your child can also use these headbands in her group activities, which can be effective for improving her social skills. 

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

kidizoom smartwatch

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is indeed a smarter watch with more fun games and activities for your daughter. It comes with a range of 5 games, 3 fun activities, 3 action challenges, and a motion sensor.

This durable gift is great for young photographers as it has more memory so your daughter can take lots of pictures and videos.

The touchscreen smartwatch features a camera with photo effects, a video camera, and a voice recorder with voice-changing effects.

In fact, there are plenty of things in this watch to keep your daughter engaged for hours of play. 

There’s also a calculator to help your child to improve upon her basic math abilities and also an excellent feature that enables your child to edit images, videos, and audio by adding different effects on them. 

All of these features are incredibly effective at developing your child’s creative thinking processes.

The smartwatch allows an easy transfer of the images and videos onto a computer by using the included USB cable, which also acts as a convenient way to charge the smartwatch.

Some parents claimed that battery life should be longer considering the interesting and engaging features on the smartwatch.

Enchantimals Peeki Parrot Doll

parrot doll

Most girls like dolls, especially female dolls. So, avail yourself of the opportunity of getting this gift for your daughter. This parrot doll also comes with a doll of size 6 inches. 

Both dolls are designed with lots of bright colors and furry materials. The bright colors are awesome for improving your kid’s color recognition skills.

More so, the furry materials will work effectively at improving your child’s tactile skills.

The dolls also come with an amazing design, which will make your daughter feel encouraged to use play with the dolls in more imaginative pretend play scenarios.

Playing with these dolls is an excellent way for your kid to improve her creative thinking skills.

More so, your kid may decide to play with her friends using this doll set. Hence, this doll set can also be a great way for your kid to improve her social skills.

Please note that the female doll is smaller and not a life-size doll.

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set

little cosmetics makeup set

Please note that this is not real makeup, it is fake pretend makeup intended for imaginary play and does not apply to skin.

This official Little Cosmetics Product toy only encourages imagination and creative play. 

This makeup set includes a pretend compact duo with a shatterproof mirror, glitter pot, blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, cosmetic bag, and “real” makeup brushes.

This makeup kit is a fantastic way to help your daughter play with more imagination.

Also, your little girl is provided with all she needs to have lots of fun with role-playing, especially if she wants to become a beautician or cosmetologist in the future.

Your child may like to play with the makeup set with other kids, thereby, helping your daughter to develop her social skills.

This gift is great at giving your kid a sense of realism which will help her to play with even more creativity.

Please note: for more durability, handle cosmetic bags with care.

LEGO l Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa’s Playground Princess Toy

LEGO Playground Princess toy

This gift makes your daughter highly creative as she builds her own Ice Castle (over 7” high, 7” wide and 5” deep), with two levels, a slide, treasure chest, snowball catapult, and a rotating fountain.

The gift set includes two mini-dolls, Anna and Elsa from the movie “Disney’s Frozen”, plus a polar bear cub figure.

The set also includes LEGO brick of 94 pieces, which are also compatible with all other LEGO construction sets for creative building.

Constructing the castle is awesome for promoting your daughter’s hand-eye motor skills and coordination and.

The LEGO sets also give your child the chance to combine sets to create more complex structures and be super creative.

They included Anna and Elsa’s mini-figures that enable your girl to play with lots of imagination and to also recreate scenes from the movie.

Please note the LEGO set also contains lots of small pieces that can easily go missing. So be careful with handling.

Hauck Lightning – Pedal Go Kart

Pedal Go Kart

This gift offers your kid the best and fun way to develop her independence and learn how to control her speed while pedaling.

This Pedal Go Kart is specially designed for your little one so you can be sure that it’s safe.

This Pedal Go Kart gift provides an authentic driving experience for your daughter and allows her to control her speed.

The gift can be used both indoors and outdoors and also encourages physical activity, strength building, endurance, and coordination.

If you need a gift that would encourage your daughter to be more active, then consider this Pedal Go Kart gift.

Even the rubber wheels provide your child with a smooth ride and the 3-point steering system makes the kart easy for your kid to control.

The seat has an excellent ergonomic design which can be adjusted to allow for maximum comfort when your child is riding around for hours. 

The kart also has a powder-coat finish over the top of the steel frame which ensures that the kart remains durable and can avoid any rust problems.

Depending on the height and size of your daughter, you may find this gift a little too small for her.

Playhut Beauty Boutique Pop-Up Play Tent

play tent

This Pop-Up Play Tent features an awesome Twist “N” Fold Technology aspect which enables parents to easily set it up the tent and take it down again for effortless storage.

This gift is good to develop a camping lifestyle and social life for your daughter. All of the materials used are incredibly soft to ensure that it’s safe for your daughter to play inside.

The doors also have a hinged design which makes it easy for kids to enter and exit. The vibrant colors make this gift attractive and lovely, capable of stimulating your kid’s visual senses and excitement.

Your kid can have more fun with her friends when playing inside the tent. This is excellent for improving your kid’s social skills.

More so, your kid can come up with pretend play scenarios, making her think more creatively.

Note that the tent fabric is made from high-quality, lightweight, yet durable materials for ease of portability and storage but it isn’t as thick as the normal tent and must be handled with care.

PixieCrush Pretend Play Kid Purse Set

kid purse set

This pretend play kid purse set for little girls is purely interactive and educational and includes a range of accessories, such as a handbag, pretend credit card, pretend smartphone, keys with remote, pretend makeup, shatterproof mirror, lipstick, etc.

The idea is to provide your kid with an imagination of what is typically included in a lady’s purse.

This gift will surely provide your daughter child with plenty of items to have fun with for hours. 

This gift also offers an effective way for your child to develop her social skills and ability to play in groups as she can get her friends and family involved in the pretend play scenarios.

The purse set offers a realistic design that adds to your child’s experience and enables her to play with more imagination.

The items in the kit come in various colors, which help to develop your child’s color recognition abilities.

Please note that the pretend smartphone comes in a foam design, which many may not like.

Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

fashion plates deluxe kit

If your little girl wasn’t so impressed by the Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Art Activity Kit, this Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit will surely impress her.

This kit will keep your daughter occupied for a while as she uses this drawing set to build up her creativity. The set comes 15 fashion plates, 20 sheets of paper, 8 colored pencils, 2 rubbing crayons, crayon holder, drawing tablet, carrying case, and idea guide

This gift is especially perfect for your daughter if she loves fashion, clothes, and dressing up due to the fashion plates. The gift will also enhance your kid’s artistic skill.

The set comes with a portable vase that makes it very convenient for your child to keep all of the items organized and stored in one place.

Melissa & Doug 3-D Puzzle Kits Set

3D puzzle kits set

The Melissa & Doug 3-D Puzzle Kits Set include two amazing puzzle sets, the pretty purple dollhouse and the pink palace

The kit set comes with a total of 100 puzzle pieces that are made out of cardboard. The set also includes some play figures, furniture pieces, and instructions.

All of these make this gift perfect to provide your child with lots of options to play for hours. 

More so, the puzzles are excellent for developing your kid’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The dollhouse has two levels, which include four rooms, deck areas, a porch, a fenced yard, and a trellis. Your kid will have a lot of fun using the mini-figures in the dollhouse as it will also improve her creativity.

Your child may like to get her friends involved in the challenge. So this gift is awesome for improving your child’s social skills and ability to play in groups.

Please note that depending on the IQ of your kids, this puzzle may prove easy or difficult.

Barbie Fashion Plates All in One Studio

Barbie fashion plates

Who doesn’t like Barbie? This Barbie design kit features a range of accessories that have a variety of textures and patterns.

This is awesome for developing your child’s tactile and pattern recognition abilities.

With the kit set, your baby would be able to create over 100 designs. This is possible as she has the chance to mix and match between the 15 double-sided rubbing plates that are available.

Your child will also be able to use lots of different colors to come up with her own unique artistic creations.

This gift offers an incredible and effective way to help your child to think more creatively. 

The kit includes 15 double-sided fashion plates, a drawing tablet, 20 sheets of paper, a crayon holder, 7 colored crayons, and easy-to-follow instructions.

More so, this kit is effective at developing your kid’s color recognition skills.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

little tikes basketball set

This Little Tikes basketball set can be adjusted from 2.5 to 4 feet in height. This makes it the perfect gift for your daughter irrespective of her size. 

This gift encourages your child to play more actively. More so, the rim has an oversized design that makes it easier for your kid to learn how to play basketball.

This gift is great for your child if she shows an interest in basketball. It also improves your child’s motor skills and coordination

Also, your child may want to play basketball with her friends and family. Then this provides a fun way for her to improve her social skills and ability to play in groups.

You may fill the base with sand (not included) to ensure that the set remains more stable.

Make sure that your child does not rest on the rim as it is made of plastic and may break.


At the age of six, the development of your daughter’s gross and fine motor skills, as well as her confidence is important.

Hence, you need to get her gifts that will help to strengthen her social skills and learn how to make new friends.

More so, you should choose gifts that will build her motor skills effectively.

By selecting any of the exclusive gift ideas for a 6-year-old daughter above ensures that she is healthy, physically fit, and can develop her self-confidence all year round.