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Does Breast Milk Have Lactose (How Much Lactose is In Human’s Breast Milk)?

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Lactose is an essential sugar that’s naturally present in milk and dairy products. It’s also an enzyme/chemical that enables our bodies to digest milk sugar. Insufficient lactose in breast milk will cause indigestion. Undigested milk will find its way to bowel system and can cause diarrhea and pain in guts. This occurrence is known as […]

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13 Foods That Cause Gas For Breastfeeding Babies

Breast milk is precious for baby nutrition. It provides the baby necessary calories, fats, and nutrients required for growth, and also secure essential immunity to protect the baby from unwanted illness. No alternative feeding substitute will compare to breast milk. But some concern mother claimed if breast milk is truly the “foundation of infant life,” […]

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Georgia Breastfeeding Laws: All You Need to Know


In this article, we’ll discuss everything about Georgia Breastfeeding laws and what every nursing mom has to know. We’ll also consider what Georgia State Laws permit for breastfeeding moms. Georgia enacted a law that started by clarifying on the importance of breastfeeding. It states that every mother has a right to do breastfeeding in any public […]