Best Breast Pump For Working Moms: Clinically Tested & Approved

Mother’s milk remains the best food that a newborn baby can always enjoy, time and again. In most cases, breastfeeding moms often experience some difficulties in the location and time of feeding their babies.

While it may not be a funny process, feeding mothers can sometimes be frustrated with the lack of convenience it brings. With the best breast pump for working moms that are medically approved, new parents will be able to feed their babies comfortably and enjoyable.

Spectra Baby S1:

This product is the most upgraded type that you can find in the market today. The affordable price of the Spectra Baby S1 makes it unique among other medically approved breast pumps for feeding moms. One amazing feature of the product is that it operates on a rechargeable battery. It is totally quiet when operating and will not cause any problem for both the baby and mother.

With this breast pump comes a timer, a power cord, and a nightlight. It is important to know that the S1 remains a long-term commitment. The durability and longevity of the product are beyond anticipation.

When pumping your breast, the Spectra Baby S1 provides a comfortable and quick result. The product does not also require any earplugs for use.



  1. It comes with a closed system
  2. It produces milk comfortably and quickly
  3. It operates quietly
  4. The S1 can be operated with a power cord or batteries
  5. Buyers will get two collection bottles along with hygienic backflow protectors
  6. It is able to operate on double and single pumping



  1. During usage, the pump may likely vibrate excessively
  2. During pumping, the tubes can easily fall off


Spectra Baby S2:

The suction power is one of the best features that the Spectra Baby S2 offer users. The regulators of the product are intuitive and incredible.

At the outset of the operation, you will discover the feature of a message mode to provide a greater comfort and better flow. In terms of an electric breast pump, the S2 remains a lightweight product. The Spectra Baby S2 remains one of the cheapest pumps to purchase in the market today.

The pump can allow you to have access to both breasts operation at the same time. It operates with a quiet sound, making the S2 one of the best breast pumps for feeding mothers.

The closed system nature of the pump is something undeniable by users. It implies that the actual motor environment will be protected and not allowing milk particles to get inside.



  1. It gives you a great result when properly plugged into the wall
  2. The product comes with an inbuilt nightlight for comfort and convenience
  3. The hygienic closed system will help to protect your baby



  1. The bottles can easily tip
  2. The product does not operate with batteries

Medela Symphony Plus:

Lowing the operation time remains one thing the Medela Symphony Plus is known for. It will allow users to select from single or double pumping system. With the Medela Symphony Plus, you will also get an increased flow of lactation.

For efficient milk expression, this amazing product comes with a deeper rhythm and a two-phase program. The main objective of designing this product is to help feeding parents provide their baby daily lactation.


  1. Users will enjoy a comfortable hands-free use feature from this product
  2. The single knob control is easy to use
  3. It works easily and quietly
  4. The product offers a sanitary closed system feature
  5. It can last for a long time with any damage



  1. It is highly expensive
  2. The collection bottles are sold in a separate kit

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump:

If you are a traveling mom, then the Medela Freestyle remains the best option.

Buyers have the opportunity to get a tote bag when selecting this product. It comes with a compact size that can help you use the product anywhere at any time. The easy-to-read digital screen is informative and intuitive.

This hands-free device is small and comes with double electric pumping features. When using this breast pump, users will get a message to their body from the one-touch letdown button of the Medela Freestyle.

The message will help you the actual time when the milk begins to drop down. To help you track sessions, the product comes with a timer.



  1. If you are an active mother, the product is a great choice
  2. It is a lightweight breast pump
  3. It comes with ice packs and a cooler bag
  4. Women pumping can get real mobility from using the product


  1. It has a tricky hands-free capability feature
  2. It is highly expensive

Hygeia Enjoye 

This product has one of the best suction regulations that you can ever think of. The independence of the Hygeia Enjoye makes it highly appreciable and classic. In fact, the baby’s suckling styles of this product are sophisticated.

The Hygeia Enjoye will enable you to gain access to a plethora of settings when pumping each breast. The battery used for operation can last you for close to four hours.



  1. Buyers can use the product constantly without any damage
  2. Active mothers will benefit greatly when using this product


It operates louder than several products in the market

General Tips For Breastfeeding Moms:

  1. Having additional breast valves and shields is a great recommendation. It will help you keep items safely and wash later


  1. Cleaning every component of breast pump will keep both baby and mother safe


  1. Using and buying new breast pumps remain the best way to go. Used pumps may be contaminated by virus, bacteria or fungal diseases


  1. Lightweight breast pumps will give you great mobility both at work, home, or anywhere


  1. Portability, easy to clean, cost, adjustable suction, power source are other important factors to consider before buying a medically approved breast pump

Wrap Up

Medically approved breast pumps will always give you the best protection when feeding your baby.

It is highly recommended to explore the best products that can give you comfort and easy mobility when making your final decision.