Beaba Vs Baby Bullet: Best Review and Comparison 2020

Do you want to know how Beaba Babycook maker differs from Baby Bullet?

If yes, then you should read this unbiased comparison guide till the end.

A little background:

Most mothers experience very hard times when their bundle of joy spit food. Do you have any idea why babies spit food?

It’s simply because the olden way of gimmicking food isn’t that perfect, there are small food particles left that irritates the baby, that’s why they end up spitting the food.

Lucky enough, technology has invented various food making devices such as Baby Beaba and Baby Bullet, specialized for making food for babies.

These are very easy and quick to use devices, more so, nutritious for the baby.

Which is the best baby food maker? 

beaba babycook

Baby beaba and Baby bullet are both best options to choose, both perform their work excellently in making baby food, at the comfort of your home.

It doesn’t require any experience for one to use, whether a beginner or a pro, the outcome is the same.

Because they both perform almost equally, its good we have a look at their qualities respectively, to be rest assured which one outshines the other. And for a better selection.

Beaba babycook

Beaba babycook

It’s one of the best device to look out for. It takes food making to another level, this machine does various things: steaming, blending, reheating, and defrosting various foods like fresh vegetables and raw meat.

This widens the options from pureed fruit and vegetables, by doing this, you can skip the process of cooking upfront.

How to use Beaba

  • Beaba is easy to understand and operate compared to other baby cooks, most of these devices are complicated and hard to use but beaba is exceptional. 
  • When using beaba, you can prepare full capacity or in smaller quantities. It has options of any amount you want to prepare suitable for your bundle of joy.
  • Raw meat and vegetables can be steamed for only 15 minutes or lesser, after steaming, you switch directly to the blending stage, to mix up everything then pureed to the desired level of your baby. 
  • When you have your own blender, you can always introduce new vegetables and fruits to your baby at home.
  • With beaba, you can prepare any kind of food advised by the nutritionist for your little one. It is not restricted to a specific type of food. It’s unlimited.

Beaba storage and safety 

  • It is compacted and aesthetically friendly enough to be kept at the kitchen with other kitchen tools. Unlike other baby cook, beaba’s bowl is strong enough to prevent any unnecessary breakage. 
  • Always clean it all the time after usage to avoid growing of mold in it. And for the health of your child, if it’s not cleaned well, bacteria will start growing in it, and this is a great danger to your little one’s life.

Features of beaba

Beaba baby cook has a number of functions:

  • Steam cooking
  • Defrosting
  • Reheating
  • Puree any kind of raw meat, all fruits and veggies.
  1. Maximum holding capacity is 4.7 cups, minimum is as little as you desire.
  2. Beaba can always be bought in babies store or on Amazon.
  3. Beaba baby cook was not and has never been recalled.

Advantages of beaba baby cook

  • It is very fast, it cooks all the food in only 15 minutes or even lesser, as per your wish. It’s time saving 
  • It can be used to process food after your baby is all grown and doesn’t need gimmicked food anymore.
  • Its capacity is good since it can hold a variety of food at ago.
  • It’s not so delicate, because you can keep it in your kitchen on a counter.


  • Beaba is kind of tiring to clean. 
  • It will take you some time to familiarize how it operates and how to use it.
  • After sometimes, the coloring of the bowl will start to fade out.
  • It’s also prone to damage after a long usage.


“love the baby food maker, it is compact (does not take much space on the counter) I also like the fact that I do not have to use a separate steamer, then clean that, then move to a blender etc. easy to use and easy to clean. I can make several batches of different foods, quickly. So far so good.” Janice Archer on Amazon.

“I absolutely love my beaba! This is my 5th child & with my first four, I steamed & pureed the old fashion way with a pot and steamer basket and a processor. This product is amazing! Cleanup is a breeze! Today, I peeled, chopped and made all my pureed apples, pears & sweet potatoes for the week in an hour.” Christina Darveau on Amazon

Baby bullet

The magic baby bullet blender is common to almost every modern mother who has once given birth, for wonderful reasons of course.

It’s well-known for pureeing food easily, with the help of Baby Bullet in baby food making. 

Baby bullet is the fastest food making device everyone who has ever used knows. It can prepare baby food in a span of only five minutes. You don’t have to worry about your baby getting late in meals. 

It blends and purees food into desired baby food within that short time. It’s also designed with a variety of accessories making it so much easier for you.


It has:

  • A spatula which is used for scraping the bowl when cleaning.
  • Two puree blades which are different.
  • Storage cups with six date dial and a tray that matches the cups.
  • An extra food cup for the baby with its lid.
  • A frozen tray for baby food.

So with Baby Bullet, you can’t cook and defrost food as the beaba does, but it offers a lot of extra things that compensates the added time.

It’s easy to clean compare to The Beaba. When cleaning, you don’t have to separate everything for you to be left with the work of connecting the blades and bowl together again, it’s that less complicated when it comes to cleaning.

The individual cups have date dials which helps you track your baby food for you to ensure the baby eats fresh food. Baby bullet can be used as a blender once your baby has outgrown food gimmicking. 

Features of baby bullet

  1. It has the function of blending and puree all types of veggies and fruits.
  2. Its holding capacity is at least six cups two-ounce each.
  3. You can buy baby bullet in baby stores or on Amazon
  4. Baby bullet has never been recalled.

Advantages of baby bullet 

  • It is packed with a special blade for milling oatmeal and cereals for the baby.
  • Baby bullet is much affordable even to the lower class people compared to the beaba.
  • Using baby bullet is easier than any other food making device, you are only required to press down at the top.
  • Its accessories comes in handy giving you an easy way of keeping baby food.


  • If you blend baby food for a very long time, the bullet will overheat. And this will lead to a shorter lifespan.
  • After a long usage, it will start to wear off, especially the rubber that is under the blade.
  • Baby bullet requires food to be chopped into small pieces and steamed for longer period for it to blend well.


“This worked great for us. The size made it so much easier to use than a full size blender. It made making homemade baby food so much easier and came with great instructions and suggestions for foods to use, etc. I was even able to pass it on to a friend when I was done with it.” Kate weatherwax on Amazon

“It has everything we need to make our twins food from scratch. Easy to clean and store. Super happy with this product. We’ve always been a magic bullet fan. So it’s a natural to use this for our baby food.” Emily Scaff on Amazon


There’s no certainty that you will actually familiarize with this two baby making food devices at once, especially if you are a beginner, although if you want to try it.

The best choice is the Beaba babycook. It allows you to steam and blend at once, and you can’t wait to try it out.

Baby bullet accessories comes in handy, although the advantages of the Beaba outweighs everything.